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MICRO FUE Hair Transplant

The main advantage of this procedure is the very natural and undetectable results that can be achieved. 

The operation is done just like the normal FUE, but with Micro-FUE hair transplant the physicians use a specialized punch with a diameter from 0.6- 0.8 mm so the donor area and the final result looks natural, more importantly the Grafts are being extracted with the sebaceous gland and with a  preservation of the vital elements of hair, which can help in the survival rate and the percentage of the success rate

Benefits of Micro-FUE Hair Transplant:

• A Totally natural and undetectable result.

• Real Maximum density possible in one session

• Permanent results. The implanted hair will never fall just like in the normal FUE

• the Patient can keep his hair short after the operation without any difference can be noticed. 

• No shock-loss phenomenon will happen after the session

• No stitches, no scalpels

• Extraction is don with High quality. The vital elements of the Grafts are being protected.

• A natural dense packing result is achieved by using a special implanter and a high powered microscope

• Making sure that healthy grafts are being extracted

• No damage or loss of the Grafts and no transaction